Variable Recurring Payments

Further reading on how to VRPs with Yapily.


Variable Recurring Payments are payments in the UK which the user can configure from an Institution to pay an entity immediately from a single Consent. The main difference between VRPs and any other payment is that it only requires the payments service use to provide their authorisation once for multiple payments making it a highly sort after feature in Open Banking. It is possible to use domestic variable recurring payments provided that the Institution supports the following feature in the feature array:



Currently, the scope of Variable Recurring Payments is limited to mandating the CMA9 to provide VRPs for sweeping (payments to and from accounts that the Payer owns) for example, for the purpose of moving funds to obtain more competitive interest rates between different banks, or creating a positive savings habit.

This is mandated for the CMA9 by January 2022, and is a possibility that VRPs for other use cases may become available in the future. This is yet to be confirmed and is likely to be at the discretion of each Institution through proprietary APIs.