Payment Execution

Further reading on generating the Payment Request sent to the Yapily API.


In both the payment authorisation and payment request, you will have to generate the paymentRequest payload which defines to who, from where, how much and how to execute the payment. As Yapily is a platform that allows for multiple types of payments to be executed in and across different countries, the following supplementary information will give more guidance on what options are available.

Payment Types

The following table shows the different payment types that are currently available in Yapily. The associated features column shows the features that will be created in the payment consent after you execute Create Payment Authorisation and specify one of the payment types.

To create bulk payments, there is no bulk payment type. Instead you use Create Bulk Payment Authorisation which will take an array of paymentRequest where the payment type will be defined per payment.

Payment Type Description Associated Features
DOMESTIC_INSTANT_PAYMENT Initiate and create domestic single instant payments.

The DOMESTIC_INSTANT_PAYMENT payment type is used to indicate that when sending funds to another account from a participating SEPA country and when the payment is in Euros, SEPA Instant in addition to SEPA is also a viable configuration for the payment.

See SEPA Payments for more information.
DOMESTIC_PAYMENT Initiate and create domestic single payments.

Particular payments between accounts from SEPA member countries can be considered a DOMESTIC_PAYMENT payment when the payment is in Euros. In these scenarios, funds will be transferred via. SEPA.

See Domestic Single Payments for more information.
DOMESTIC_PERIODIC_PAYMENT Initiate and create domestic periodic payments. They are known as standing orders in UK.

See Domestic Periodic Payments for more information.
DOMESTIC_SCHEDULED_PAYMENT Initiate and create domestic scheduled payments.

See Domestic Scheduled Payments for more information.
INTERNATIONAL_PAYMENT Initiate and create international single payments.

See International Single Payments for more information.
INTERNATIONAL_PERIODIC_PAYMENT Initiate and create international periodic payments.

See International Periodic Payments for more information.
INTERNATIONAL_SCHEDULED_PAYMENT Initiate and create international scheduled payments.

See International Scheduled Payments for more information.

Account Identifications

When making a Payment, it is necessary to provide details of the Payee account (the account that you would like the payment to be sent to) as well as the Payer account (the account that you would like to make the payment from) when sending payments from a European bank account. This is done by using the nested AccountIdentification object in the PaymentRequest.

Type Description Format
SORT_CODE Used only in the UK in conjunction with ACCOUNT_NUMBER to uniquely identify account 6 numerical characters
ACCOUNT_NUMBER Used only in the UK in conjunction with SORT_CODE to uniquely identify account 8 numerical characters
IBAN National standard for uniquely identifying bank accounts See IBAN Formats by countries
BBAN The Basic Bank Account Number. This forms the first part of the IBAN after the first 4 characters See IBAN Formats by countries
BIC Business Identifier Codes otherwise known as SWIFT Code No specific format
PAN - -
BSB - -
NCC - -
ABA - -
EMAIL Email address -

Account Identifications Combinations

For more assistance on what account identifications to use in specific scenarios, see the following table below of which account identifications are generally required:

Payer Country Payee Country Payee Account Identification
UK All EU and EEA countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden and also the following non EU and EEA countries: Andorra, Bahrain, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Greenland, Isle of Man, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Monaco, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. IBAN + BIC
UK Australia: Bank-State-Branch (BSB) Code Canada: Canadian Transit Number Hong Kong: Bank Code of Hong Kong India: IFSC - Indian Financial Sys Code New Zealand: New Zealand National Clearing Code South Africa: South Africa National Clearing United States: Fedwire code NCC (National Clearing Code) AND/OR BIC
UK Other countries BBAN / IBAN + BIC
SEPA Country (EUR) SEPA Country (EUR) IBAN*

* This type of payment will also require the Payer account identifications