Registration is required to access the Open Banking network; there are two registration options depending on your organisation.

  • Direct Registration: For entities that are regulated by their central authority (e.g. FCA), TPPs can register with each Institution using their own Open Banking certificates
  • Delegated Registration: For non-regulated entities Yapily offers SafeConnect, which is Yapily's FCA registered entity.

Direct Registration

As a direct customer, you likely already have an AISP and/or PISP license with the FCA, from which point the following steps are required for you to connect to ASPSPs on the Yapily gateway.

  1. Register with the OBIE Typically a one time process, the electronic certificates along with other details of your company need to be uploaded onto the OBIE directory and a Software Statement Assertion (SSA) is retrieved in confirmation. Once the SSA is obtained, it can be loaded into the Yapily Dashboard and used as the basis for registering with all other banks with the UK. While some clients may elect to do this themselves, Yapily is able to guide customers new to the process through this journey. It is important to get it right, as some of the details here will impact your user experience.

  2. Register with the Institution This process will need to be repeated for every Institution you wish to connect to, and can take considerable time given the varying approaches taken by the each Institution. Don't worry, Yapily is here to help you!

Institution registrations fall into two broad categories; Manual - where you need to create an application in the bank's developer portal and request access via their TPP service desk. Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) - this is the process by which the Institution provides API endpoints specifically for the registration process. Yapily supports DCR when the Institution has made this option available and this can be leveraged through the Yapily dashboard.

Delegated Registration

You're all set! All registration aspects have already been taken care of by Yapily. Simply ask for each Institution you require and they can be added to you service immediately if available.