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Getting Started

Is this your first time hearing of Yapily? Please check out the Getting Started articles to learn what it means to be an Open Banking gateway and how Yapily provides access to many banks across UKI and Europe.


From creating your first application to learning how to make your first API calls, each guide shows you the steps to complete a particular task on our platform.

API Changes

Keep up to date with the latest API Changes. Subscribe to this thread in order to be notified of planned changes to the API.

API Reference

The API reference shows you the current API endpoints and how to make calls to them. Each endpoint will contain example requests and responses. 

The deprecated endpoints documents detail the legacy endpoints that no longer receive updates but are available for backwards compatibility

Yapily SDKs

Each Yapily SDK is code built from our API's Swagger Specification to help you connect your Open Banking Applications to the Yapily API. We provide three SDKs out of the box:

If your choice of SDK is not on the following list, you can generate an appropriate client using the Open API generators. 

Developer Resources

The Developer Resources are useful tools for developers who are building your applications.

This contains credential information for each of the banks as well as their sandbox variants. It also contains links to other tools we provide to help with building your Open Banking applications.

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