Deprecated Features

List of deprecated features or endpoints

At Yapily we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the Open Finance space.

This means we are often the first to integrate with new products and features from banks and other financial institutions, and whilst we are proud to be trail blazers, it is not without its challenges. We work hard to ensure our feature set is as robust as possible, but in some instances, issues on the bank side prevent us from being able to support the whole wealth of features offered.

As such, we wanted to make you aware of the elements or features that are, or will be removed from Yapily’s offering.

Here is a list of the previously sent communications to our clients informing of the deprecated features or endpoints:

28th of June, 2021

Features that will be deprecated during the month of July:


  • Banca Popolare dell'Alto Adige Spa / Südtiroler Volksbank AG will no longer support business/corporate PSUs for AIS.
  • Banca Posta will no longer support AIS or Periodic Payments for PIS (single domestic PIS unaffected.
  • Banco BPM will no longer support PIS.
  • Banca BNL will no longer support AIS or Periodic Payments for PIS (single domestic PIS unaffected.
  • Widiba will no longer support Periodic Payments (single domestic PIS unaffected).

Please note, removal of these features will not cancel any existing periodic payment initiation requests already submitted.


  • Lloyds Banking Group will no longer support International Payments.
  • Santander will no longer support International Payments.


In addition, we’d like to make you aware of some mergers in the Sparkasse group in Germany.
The following banking brands have now been merged and as such discontinued brands will be removed from the Yapily service:

  • SPK Mecklenburg-Schwerin & SPK Parchim-Lübz is now SPK Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
  • SPK Südliche Weinstrasse Landau & SPK Germersheim Kandel is now SPK Südpfalz.

Further mergers are planned for later in the year, these are:

  • 14.11.2021 SSK Magdeburg & SPK Jerichower Land will be SPK MagdeBurg.
  • 24.10.2021 SPK Haslach-Zell & SPK Gengenbach will be SPK Kinzigtal.
  • 19.09.2021 KSK Kaiserslautern & SSK Kaiserslautern will be SPK Kaiserslautern.