API Changelog

A list of updates to the Yapily API


Febuary 2021

  • Added payeeDetails and payerDetails to the Transaction model
  • Mapped Payer and Payee for berlingroup Institutions

January 2021

  • The new grossAmount Amount object has been added to the PaymentResponse object. This is currently supported for PAYPAL.

December 2020

  • N26 have moved away from using Token IO for their API platform and have developed their own Berlin Group compliant API. Yapily have integrated with their new API and this has changed the flow for Accounts and Payments.
  • N26 requires a decoupled SCA for both AIS and PIS.
  • Both AIS and PIS use the Yapily Pre-Authorisation flow.
  • There are no refresh tokens for PIS flow and retrieval of payment details are limited to each access token.
  • The n26-sandbox institution has been removed from the Yapily platform because it is no longer available from N26.
  • Scheduled, Periodic and International payments are no longer supported by new N26 integration.
  • Account Scheduled Payments and Account Periodic Payment features are not longer supported by new N26 integration.

November 2020

We have made the following change to the bulk payment endpoints:

  • Removed the charges.chargeAmount object from the PaymentAuthorisationRequestResponse
  • Stopped populating the amount object in the PaymentResponse for bulk payments
  • Added bulkAmountSum of type BigDecimal to contain the sum of payments irrespective of the currency

October 2020

  • We have introduced a new enum paymentRequest.payee.accountIdentifications[].type called ROLL_NUMBER to be used when making payments to particular Institutions
  • Country code UK will be updated to GB.

September 2020

  • We have introduced a new payment type READ_DOMESTIC_SINGLE_REFUND

For the following Institutions:

  • NatWest
  • RBS
  • Ulster Bank NI

See Reverse Payments for more information.

August 2020

We have introduced a new payment type DOMESTIC_INSTANT_PAYMENTS - Create and Initiate domestic single instant payments

This new payment type will be added for the following Institutions:

  • Bank Austria 24You
  • Bank Austria UC eBanking Global
  • BNL
  • Comdirect
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Fineco
  • Fineco Sandbox
  • Hello Bank (Italy)
  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Ubi Banca
  • Unicredit HypoVereinsbank
  • Unicredit IT
  • Unicredit UC eBanking Global
  • Noris Bank
  • Sparkassen (All Branches)

For each of these banks, we have also introduced the new Institution features:

  • INITIATE_DOMESTIC_SINGLE_INSTANT_PAYMENT - Initiate a domestic single instant payment
  • CREATE_DOMESTIC_SINGLE_INSTANT_PAYMENT - Create a domestic single instant payment

 May 2020

Introduction of the following new headers:

  • PSU-ID: Represents the identification of the PSU's login ID into the ASPSP.
  • PSU-CORPORATE-ID: Represents the identification of the PSU's Login ID into the ASPSP for corporate branches.
  • PSU-IP-ADDRESS: Not currently used.

to the following endpoints:

  • PATCH Create Re-authorise Consent Request
  • POST Create Account Authorisation Request
  • POST Create Bulk Payment Authorisation Request
  • POST Create Payment Authorisation Request
  • POST Create Sort Code Payment Authorisation Request
  • PUT Create Account Authorisation Request
  • PUT Create Payment Authorisation Request

which is required for the following Institutions:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Noris Bank
  • Handelsbanken Business UK

March 2020

  • Introduced a new payment status COMPLETED_SETTLEMENT_IN_PROCESS